Flexible point of sale for restaurants

Simplify every aspect of your operations, from your front of house to back office; easily handle menus, accept orders, and process payments.

BonApp was built to delight

Explore the most efficient approach to delight your guests, while keeping your staff free to offer them exceptional service. Whether you're managing a small bistro or a large restaurant,BonApp's flexibility will adapt to your needs.

Unmatched flexibility

Simplify rush hours

Your guests are free to manage their own experience while your staff effortlessly accepts orders and reorders, runs open tabs, and settles payments.

Improve operations

Optimize processes with real-time analytics that boost efficiency for a smoother, more successful restaurant operation.

Manage staff

Simplify training and onboarding. Easily schedule, monitor, and engage your team.

Reduce wait times

Minimize wait times and elevate the dining experience with quicker service and efficient operations.

Increase revenue

Boost sales, upsell items, and attract more customers with loyalty and promotion plans

More tips for staff

Equip your team with the gift of BonApp, more time for guests means more personalized service leading to more tips

Manage multiple locations

Seamlessly oversee and coordinate operations across various restaurant branches for efficient, centralized management

The future is digital

QR menus for no contact orders and payments

Save time and resources by eliminating the necessity for printing, sanitizing, and delivering physical menus to the table.

Guests can simply scan the QR code on the table to access the menu directly on their smartphones, place orders, and make payments — no apps to download — no new hardware needed.

Unlock the future
Restaurant kitchen processing ticket orders

All encompassing system

From your front of house to back office

Seamlessly connect your restaurant's front of house to the back office. Enhance guest experiences with efficient point-of-sale solutions while gaining real-time insights into operations.

Manage everything from changing menus and daily specials to kitchen orders and processing.

BonApp ensures your operations are smooth for customers and staff.

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