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We're here to digitalise the hospitality industry!

Founded in January 2023 in the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland, BonApp has been on a mission to redefine how customers and businesses interact in the hospitality industry.

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Our Mission

To enhance everyone's experience

Through innovative solutions, BonApp allows the hospitality industry to automate operations and increase profits. We’re dedicated to minimizing wait times, maximising efficiency, and providing an easy dining experience for both customers and staff.

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Our Values

Innovation, Excellence, Diversity, Collaboration.

We believe in modernising industries for smoother operations, striving for excellence in everything we do, embracing the unique perspectives brought through diversity, and fostering collaboration to bring about positive change in the hospitality landscape.

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Founder Story

A duo with creative innovation ambitions for a social centre point

Our founders, Hugo and Genevieve Sykes, are two driven financial professionals with a passion for the tech industry. The brother and sister co-founding duo attended leading universities and went on to work for top-level financial institutions before branching out to follow their passion and start BonApp. They grew up in Lausanne and have a strong culture for eating out and enjoying local bars and clubs. They know the pains from a customer's perspective and after collaborating with friends who shared the pain points from restaurant staff's perspective, it became clear that there was an opportunity to make everyone's experience a better one with BonApp.

Our Team

Dynamic, Diverse, Determined.

Our team is backed by a serial start-up veteran who has started over 40 successful companies, leading cutting-edge ventures at the forefront of the tech revolution.

As a dynamic and diverse team, our collective strengths lie within UHNW technology entrepreneurship, venture capital, impactful investment strategies, and experience in the restaurant industry.

Our software development team is a testament to agility, responsiveness and product innovation.

In addition to our technology and finance expertise, we bring a unique perspective from the restaurant industry, blending business acumen with insights gained from the hospitality sector.

With a commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to precision and efficiency synonymous with Swiss ingenuity, while reflecting the value of diverse backgrounds brought from 10 countries, contributing significantly to our success in the tech sector.

Work with us

Let's shape the future together

At BonApp, we’re not just creating a product – we’re creating a movement. A movement towards efficiency, excellence, diversity, and collaboration in the hospitality industry.

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