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Easy to set up

BonApp takes you from signup to action in less than 10 minutes. And your guest's journey to start ordering and paying is even easier.

Create your account

  • Just add your email and password with a 2step verification and you’re ready to get started. No new hardware needed, no apps to download.

Create your digital menu

  • BonApp’s user-friendly and customizable interface lets you create menus within a few minutes.

Generate your QR Codes

  • Create as many QR codes as you need, for table service, take-away, and special events.

Ready to go in one click

  • You’re ready to go with efficient ordering and payment processing that empowers your staff, satisfies guests, and boosts sales.

Your Guest’s Journey

Order. Enjoy. Pay.

Our shared mission is ensuring your guests have a phenomenal experience. Ordering when they want from digital menus, re-ordering as desired, splitting tabs, processing payments, and taking control over their experience. BonApp makes all this possible while leaving your staff with the time to provide service with a human touch.

Create their account

  • Guests simply scan your QR code to get started.

Browse the menu and order

  • Your digital menu makes it easy for them to order and re-order as desired.

Enjoy mistake-free meals

  • BonApp’s QR code connects your menu to your kitchen, allows guests translate it, note any special requirements, and enjoy accurate orders.

No more bill delay

  • Guests can order, re-order, split bills, and pay instantaneously with multiple payment options, including: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Postfinance, Twint, Visa, Mastercard, and Cash.

Unlock rewards and custom offers

  • Deliver custom deals, reward programs, loyalty plans, and savings directly to your guests.

Get started

BonApp Journeys

Schedule a demo to see how simple it is to onboard with BonApp, and how your guests will fall in love with their experience at your establishment.