Elevate Your Hotel's Guest Experience

Transform how your guests dine, relax, and enjoy their stay by enhancing every moment on your property from the restaurant, to the pool, beach, and beyond.

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Instant Access, Infinite Possibilities

From room service to pool side

Your guests can browse menus, make orders, and finalize payment right from their smartphones. Whether it’s room service, a cocktail by the pool, or a beachside snack — everything is just a QR scan away.

Full Service Solutions

Enhance experiences while increasing revenue

Give your guests the freedom to order what they want from wherever they are. Satisfaction will increase, orders will rise and so will revenue.

Innovate hospitality

Position your property as a leader in hospitality with digital experiences for your guests and staff.

Delight guests

Take orders and accept payments from your restaurant, poolside and room service, all at your guests' fingertips.

Harmonize teams

Empower your staff with simpler onboardings and workflow automations so they can focus on guest experience.

Customized solutions

Use the same systems of leading hotels. BonApp offers flexible packages for all sizes of hospitality.

Simplify management

Easy to use dashboards that manage intricate menus, item availability, orders, and promotions

Decide with data

Use advanced analytics to make informed decisions that enhancing profitability

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Five star customer service

The BonApp Experience

BonApp’s team offers you flexible onboarding packages, from user friendly self-onboarding, to white-glove done for you services, and our engineering team is consistently available to address any issues.

Delight every guest

Let us show you the power of BonApp