Bar & Club Brilliance with BonApp

Elevate your bar and club's efficiency with BonApp's customized solutions. From digital drink orders directly from tables to precise tab settlements and inventory management. You focus on creating exceptional, one of a kind guest experiences while BonApp handles the details that increase revenue.

People at a bar drinking beer

Happy Patrons

Quick drinks and open tabs

Reduce wait times, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost bar revenue by expediting drink service with pay at the end processing.


Create a digital experience that satisfies

Customer Delight

Create memorable experiences with swift service, personalized rewards, and loyalty programs

Bar Excellence

Optimize workflows and enhance bar efficiency for heightened customer satisfaction and sustained success

Data-Driven Decisions

Use analytics to control costs, minimize loss, manage inventory, and ensure profitability

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The QR Experience

Find out how QR Codes increase profits

Implement strategies to attract more patrons, maximize sales, and increase bar profitability.

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Raise the Bar

Take your Bar & Club to the next level

Manage VIP rewards, accept orders from tables, and keep perfect track of pay at the end tabs.

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