Keep calm and party on with BonApp!

Nightlife thrives on the energy of the people, and BonApp is tailored by party enthusiasts, for party enthusiasts. Introducing the comprehensive POS system you’ve been longing for – the ultimate tool to boost your earnings, enhance customer service, and keep the festivity alive.

What Exactly is BonApp?

Imagine being at a club table and craving another drink or bottle, without the need to leave your spot and queue at the bar. With BonApp, your customers can place and pay for their orders right from their party table. BonApp is an intuitive and customizable POS system designed with distinct digital interfaces for management, bar operations, and customer interaction. The management interface empowers you with real-time analytics, menu management, and seamless accounting. The bar interface facilitates order tracking and automated coordination. Meanwhile, customers can effortlessly browse the digital menu, place orders, and make payments through a QR code. 

Key Features Include:

In this section, we’ll explore the ultimate management solutions for bars and nightclubs with BonApp. From offering diverse payment options to multi-location mastery, we’ve got you covered.

  • Diverse Payment Options: Offer customers a range of payment methods, ensuring no one leaves without settling their bill. From traditional cash and card terminals to cutting-edge platforms like TWINT, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PostFinance.
  • Effortless Menu Management: Effortlessly handle drink and snack menus, with customizable operating hours and instant updates for an engaging customer experience.
  • Multi-Location Mastery: Seamlessly oversee multiple bars and nightclubs across various locations in real-time, all from a unified platform.
  • Enlightening Insights: Access up-to-the-minute statistics on top-selling items, revenue streams, preferred payment methods, and more.
  • Financial Finesse: Keep your finances in perfect order and reduce fraud with comprehensive accounting and transaction tracking, downloadable in both PDF and Excel formats.
  • Streamlined Order Tracking: Automate order tracking, manage sudden surges, and notify customers when their orders are ready.
  • Coordinated Team Dynamics: Place orders directly through the bar interface, ensuring smooth operations even when customer devices are low on battery.
  • Seamless Integration: Establish seamless data connections to and from BonApp using webhooks and APIs for a harmonious system.
  • Empowering Your Team: Add team members to the app with tailored access to specific features, streamlining operations and collaboration.

The Perks You’ll Enjoy:

Explore the world of operational excellence with BonApp, where convenience, efficiency, and customer satisfaction converge. Discover the myriad benefits that revolutionize your bar and nightclub management.

  • Swift Setup: Initiate with ease and zero hardware requirements for an instant start.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Trim labor costs while ramping up sales and gratuities.
  • Fortified Security: Minimize fraud and monitor transactions with exceptional precision.
  • Optimal Operations: Monitor orders, streamline processes, and elevate business performance with advanced analytics.
  • Delighting Customers: Craft a unique customer journey by enabling tableside orders, empowering patrons and boosting service quality.
  • Bar Management Brilliance: Empower bartenders to receive orders aligned with their expertise, such as cocktail orders for mixologists and beer orders for brewers, streamlining workflow and enhancing focus.
  • Reduced Wait Times: Slash waiting times, stress, and cultivate stronger customer bonds with freed-up staff availability.
  • Effortless Staff Management: Simplify training, onboarding, and team engagement, bidding farewell to complex system juggling.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Enjoy seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Why Choose BonApp?

  • Dependable Support: Count on a responsive and efficient customer service team situated in Switzerland.
  • Value-Packed: Experience abundant features and flexibility at a more affordable rate compared to other POS systems.
  • Swift Start: Begin operations in under 10 minutes, with no setup fees or hardware prerequisites.
  • User-Centric: Revel in user-friendly design and customizable options tailored to your preferences.

Embrace tomorrow’s possibilities with a wave of exciting upcoming features, encompassing promotions, events, marketing, payroll management, and inventory control, among other enhancements.

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